Why choose Certa GmbH as a partner?

Certa GmbH is a German company for employment.

We advise on the necessary application documents; where and what training courses you need to visit in order to achieve the necessary level B2 of the German language; about testing capabilities of your language skills, for recognition of their certificate in Germany.

We support you with the translation and legalization of documents, then we take completely the necessary steps for the recognition of your qualification in Germany.

After you drop the language level B2, we guarantee you interesting and profitable jobs in their respective field of study. We will find employment in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other hospitals of your choice.

We assume all costs for travel and accommodation for job interviews in two or more employers in Germany. You will be met by our representative at the airport, who will accompany you during this stage of your professional career.

After a successful job interview you get a contract for permanent employment at one of our customers, gem. German minimum sentence and German employment law. Likewise, we support you in finding a suitable furnished apartment.

Throughout the application period and after going on a job one of our staff will take care of you. He will answer all the questions and offer solutions. You will receive a salary that is synchronized with the German legislation.

We are well aware of what it means to live abroad, there to accept an employment relationship and to get around. We will stand with you and support you in this important step full responsibility, competence and loyalty to give you security and confidence.

Recommend us to your work colleagues. We should be particularly helpful to find their career path as qualified medical personnel and a worthy development abroad.

Give us your trust!

Our services to you are completely free of charge!