Sven Karbownik Interview


Sven Karbownik talking to TRUST THE FUTURE! We are absolutely aware of what it means to make the decision to go abroad, there to accept a new employment relationship, the problems that arise in job search, preparation of the necessary documents, housing, as well as the adaptation to the…

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An article in the newspaper East Thuringia of 12.02.2016

healthcare and medical concept - two doctors with stethoscopes

A Dream Come True with Admission at a Practice in Greiz On first of April, the Bulgarian doctor Zdravka Vladimirova takes gynecological practice in Greiz-Neustadt Policlinic. Author: Katya GrizerGreiz. Katrin Greiz. Katrin Galiler, Head of the Greiz-Neustadt Medical Center situated on address No. 2A Gatenverg str., says happily, “We never…

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