An article in the newspaper East Thuringia of 12.02.2016

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A Dream Come True with Admission at a Practice in Greiz

On first of April, the Bulgarian doctor Zdravka Vladimirova takes gynecological practice in Greiz-Neustadt Policlinic.

Author: Katya GrizerGreiz. Katrin

Greiz. Katrin Galiler, Head of the Greiz-Neustadt Medical Center situated on address No. 2A Gatenverg str., says happily, “We never guessed that so quickly we’ll find someone. Now we are very happy that on first of April, Zdravka Vladimirova starts work with us, to ensure trouble-free operation”. Vladimirova takes gynecological practice from Anegret Schmidt, which moves to Weida.

Mrs. Vladimirova is a certified doctor of medicine with a specialty in obstetrics and gynecology, and after graduation, she decided to start ambulatory practice. The doctor from Bulgaria shares the reason of her decision-making, “It was a good choice because in ambulatory work you get a chance to have as patients three generations of one family – a grandmother, a mother and a granddaughter”. In this way, it is possible to identify certain types of familial behavior, which likely have an effect on health. Zdravka Vladimirova, who keeps in touch with some German colleagues for years, says, “I accept the human body as a unity of body, mind and soul”. With her activities in the Greiz-Neustadt Polyclinic, she has the chance to combine both. The doctor enjoys her new obligations, “So my dream is now a reality”. At that time, the Bulgarian woman and her family are stressed about their departure. She and her husband, who works in the field of tourism, along with their twelve-year-old son, moved to Greiz. The doctor, whose elder son is studying medicine in Cologne, says, “For him it will be a little difficult, but as long as the family is together, everything is fine”.

Katrin Galiler was happy that she had found an experienced doctor dealing with classical medicine, which knows the methods of naturopathy. The head of policlinic says, “Not only for patients but also for doctor’s staff is important that everything goes smoothly”, and she adds, “Already several medical examinations have been recorded in the calendar of Dr. Zdravka Vladimirova“.


On the photo: Katrin Galiler (on the right) greets her new colleague Zdravka Vladimirova for her new practice.

Photographer: Katya Grizer