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Sven Karbownik talking to


We are absolutely aware of what it means to make the decision to go abroad, there to accept a new employment relationship, the problems that arise in job search, preparation of the necessary documents, housing, as well as the adaptation to the new Surroundings.

Mr Sven Karbownik is managing director of recruitment “Certa Personnel Management GmbH the German company for the provision of medical staff to Germany with headquarters in

Hamburg and branches in Bulgaria (Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv) Romania (Bucharest) and Croatia (Zagreb).

 As a professional with 15 -year-old experience, he tells us about the successful ways and concepts to go to Germany and to live and work there.


  1. Mr. Karbownik you tell us more about yourself and your business with which you are concerned?

Good day, my name is Sven Karbownik, I live in Hamburg, am (happily married a Bulgarian) with my wife and had a nearly 14 year old daughter. For over 15 years we operate as a company in the recruitment and have specialized in the medical field. Our focus is on the countries Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia where I also own every 6 – am personally encountered 8 weeks.


  1. Could you tell us what makes your company in the field of teaching of medical specialists in Germany unique?

 We accompany our candidates from the first contact in the country intensively and individually from A to Z, and often beyond. We care about language courses, fund these partially, the exact specific processes to the German recognition or approval to obtain know. Once we have the German approval or recognition of the respective candidates, we take care of the respective appropriate for the candidate location in the hospital. We organize trips to the interviews and pay those too. Air, rail, hotel everything is done by us. If the interview in Germany is successful we care about a place to live on site when there are children to kindergarten places, if the partner still does not speak German, we are looking for German language courses for him.

taking care of him and his interests. Just one example: we have repeatedly candidates indicating they would like to live in Munich and work. And my answer is not rare. “Are you sure you want to live and work in Munich”? You have to understand the living, so rents in Munich are the most expensive in Germany. Of course we can but someone to Munich convey through our site-specific knowledge we can our candidates also been advised.


  1. Who can Apply for you and what professions are sought ?

Applications may be submitted at us everyone sees from the medical field of his future in Germany. We provide doctors with any specialization, medical assistants, nurses and X-ray laboratory assistant.


  1. For what St ä dte in Germany can you give in order to find a job?

We work in the entire territory in Germany with very prestigious hospitals and medical practices. This enables us to individually respond to the needs of each individual.


  1. What are the biggest difficulties you with the meet different candidates in their daily work?

The language is often the greatest difficulty is. I hear very often, you are the first German I talk personally. Even if the candidates have reached the B2 level you are getting before it comes to an interview with a hospital in Germany, make Skype with one of my German colleagues individual training for the interview. My colleagues are as well-versed and know almost all significant questions to ask the chief physicians or HR liked. Of course, this training for the candidates will be charged.


  1. What will it cost your candidates for your agency ?

Our service is free of charge for the candidates. Our fee we receive from the German clinics and practices.


  1. What w ü rden you the Bulgarian n Medical n specialists advise that their professional development ü looking over the borders of Bulgaria, but you do not know the steps you take to?

 The most important thing in my view is 1. Trust. That is why our motto is “trust creates the future”. We advise our candidates up individually and go to the needs of each one. The 2 nd important aspect is, in my view competence. We have years of experience with regard to the approval from doctors and nurses at the recognition etc. and know exactly every detail when dealing with the German authorities.

The 3 Important point is, in my view, the social skills. In any candidate we go a very personal and help where we can. Even if the candidates are already in Germany and work here for weeks they come to us and have questions. We are happy to help them also. As a result, 50% of all our new candidates, candidates who come on the recommendation of candidates whom we referred already to Germany.